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De Run 4432-4434
5503 LR Veldhoven
T: +31 (0)40 - 230 02 18

The specialist in Jaguars, Land Rover and Range Rover


  • 8 The Office
    The companies administration, where we also answer your phone enquiries
  • 9 Engines
    We have a large stock of new and used engines
  • 11 Body Parts
    New or used body parts are available
  • 12 Workshop and repairs
    Our workshop is equipped with several car lifts and diagnosis erquipment to keep your Jaguar in topshape
  • 13 Total assembly
    There’s no challenge too great for us
  • 14 Onderhoud en reparatie
    With over 20 years experience in Jaguar and Daimler we offer great maintenance and repairs
  • 15 Fast
    Your car is done before you know it
  • 16 Occasions
    To see our latest cars for sale take a look at our carselection
  • 17 Demontage
    We also got a huge stock of used parts wich we disassemble and check ourselves
  • 18 Repairman
    Our workshop is equipped with several carlifts where our specialised mechanics take good care of your car
  • 19 Stock
    A glimpse of our huge selection of lighting parts
  • 20 Parts
    Sales of used and new (motor-)parts for Jaguar XJ, XK8 , XKR , S-Type , X-Type en XF (from 1991 till present)
  • 21 Jaguar parts
    Sales of used and new (motor-)parts for Jaguar XJ, XK8 , XKR , S-Type , X-Type en XF (from 1991 till present)
  • 22 Aston Martin parts
    We also offer an wide assortiment of Aston Martin parts
  • 23 Faults
    We can also assist en solve electronic faults



Car company Exco in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, is specialized in the sales of used exclusive cars of the brands Jaguar en Daimler.
Also you will be served at Exco's for the maintenance of your Jaguar or Daimler, as well as for used and new (motor-) parts, valuation and reparation of damages and the remedy of electronic faults.





  • Maintenance of the brands Jaguar and Daimler from 1995, up to the present (All Jaguar XJ, XK , S-TYPE, XF, F-Type, F-Pace, E-Pace and XE)
  • Sales of used and new (motor-)parts for Jaguar XJ, XK8 , XKR , S-Type , XF, F-Type, F-Pace, E-Pace and XE (from 1991 till present)
  • Sales of used Jaguars and Daimlers (series from 1986 on, up to the present)
  • Airco-service
  • LPG(as) - build in
  • Valuation of damages
  • Reparation of damages
  • Remedy of electronic faults


Jaguar werkplaats van Exco


We are pleased to serve you with our special knowledge!

Yours sincerely, Exco Cars